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Editors' Picks
Aja Offers Track-by-Track Commentary on Killer Debut Hip-Hop Album ‘Box Office’

Ahead of the album’s release, Hornet sat down with Aja to discuss the personal significance and story behind each track

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‘Drag Race’ Star Aja Was Just Banned From Twitter — And The Reason Will Infuriate You

Drag Race star Aja got banned from Twitter this week for slamming a user who insisted her identity as a non-binary person “wasn’t real.” The Season 9 queen, who uses “they/him/her” pronouns, revealed she had been barred from the platform in a Facebook post Wednesday evening. “I got banned from[…]

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Style & Stuff
Celebrate July 4th Right With the Sexy and Sleazy Fashions of Marek+Richard

With taglines like “Make America Slay Again,” Marek+Richard isn’t afraid of making in-your-face statements with a sleazy twist

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Parties, Panels & Pageants of DragCon L.A. Weekend

From not-to-be-missed panel discussions to unofficial parties that are off the map, our guide has 13 happenings for your itinerary

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