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The U.S. Just Opened Its First Ever Museum and Memorial Dedicated to Black Victims of White Supremacy

Alabama just opened the Legacy Museum and a national lynching memorial, commemorating black lives lost to American white supremacy — they’re both pretty haunting

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Anti-Gay Activists Would Rather Keep Kids Out of Loving Homes Than Not Discriminate

Many states are seeing anti-gay adoption bills, trying to keep children out of loving homes based on the whims of homophobic evangelical organizations

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Alabama’s Scumbag-in-Chief Roy Moore Is ‘Struggling to Make Ends Meet’ After His Pedophilia Accusations

There is a god and this Roy Moore money beg on Facebook is the proof. The anti-LGBTQ bigot and accused child molester is struggling and we are loving it

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These 6 States Want to Ban Marriage Altogether Rather Than Let Same-Sex Couples Wed

Some states have introduced legislation banning marriage licenses, replacing them with a marriage contract, just to avoid letting queer couples wed

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