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Alan Turing News and Stories

Editors' Picks
Listen to Christmas Carols Performed by Alan Turing’s Computer in 1951

Have an Alan Turing Christmas with some of the very first computer music heard in the world performed by Turing’s computer back in 1951

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From the Science of Sex to Nazi Destroyers, 10 of the Coolest Queer People in Science

Smart is sexy — and we love these ten people who have brought the world many wonderful discoveries and inventions — all while being great LGBTQ role models!

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Editors' Picks
Gay Computer Scientist Alan Turing Beats Out MLK, Mandela as BBC’s Most Iconic Figure of 20th Century

A BBC television special titled ‘Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century’ saw him beat out some of the most iconic names in modern history

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After Alan Turing, Thousands of British Gay and Bisexual Men Are Finally Pardoned

After years of activism by LGBT associations, the British government has pardoned tens of thousands of gay and bisexual men for the ‘crime’ of loving men.

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