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Alaska’s New Musical Project Is a Witchy Departure from the Usual ‘Drag Race’ Dance Tunes

The beloved ‘Drag Race’ competitor recently formed a musical duo called Alaska & Jeremy and their upcoming album Amethyst Journey sounds magical

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The Gay Couple In Independence Day: Resurgence Don’t Get Their Due

We examine the long-rumored gay couple in Independence Day: Resurgence and how they face off against the alien invaders. Spoilers ahead…

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Five Scientists Who Devoted Their Lives To Alien Life

The search for alien life might sound better suited for blockbuster films than real life, but these five scientists will change your mind.

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Naked Bears and Aliens Dominate Funny “First Rainbow”

There’s bear jokes galore, plus aliens and one lonely unicorn in The Corporeals, a new comic by Dave Quantic and Bill Ferenc.

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