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7 Famous People You Didn’t Realize Were Sex Workers

From high-class rentboys to bored strippers, here are seven awesome individuals who spent time working sex

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The Ultimate A-to-Z Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Musicians and Bands

All of your favorite LGBTQ musicians, bands and sons stylists in one in-depth encyclopedia, spanning all identities, ages and genres

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Vicky Vox Drags Katy Perry for Asking Drag Queens to Work for Free — But It’s Not Her Fault

The Vicky Vox Katy Perry feud is over as it turns out the singer wasn’t asking drag queens to perform for free; instead it was someone speaking out of turn

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The Joy of Giving When Traveling

Why traveling is all about the act of giving and receiving

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The Best Video Promoting Pubic Hair You’ll Watch All Day

“I say grow that shit like a jungle. Give him something strong to hold onto.” OMG. Amanda Palmer and the Young Punx have an anthem on their hands. Map of Tasmania encourages all you ladies out there to grow it out. Enough already with the waxing. Chocolates, cash, playing cards[…]

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