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We’ve Compiled the Sexiest Depictions of Satan From Art and Pop Culture

Sexy Satan, scary Satan, sly Satan … do you have a favorite depiction of Satan? Everyone loves a bad boy, right? From the dawn of time — perhaps literally — people have been fascinated with villains, sinners and the inherent sexiness of the dangerous. We’re drawn to antagonists, who are[…]

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13 TV Witches of Past and Present Who Have Cast a Spell on the Small Screen

Why do gay men love witches so much? That’s simple: Witches take our love of strong, fierce women up about a billion notches.

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Here’s Everything We Know (So Far) About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10

It’s spooky season when Ryan Murphy decides it’s spooky season, and with brand-new teaser images for American Horror Story Season 10 — and the title of the new AHS season — we’re officially back in the Halloween mood in March. Because of COVID-19, the 10th season of the iconic horror[…]

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#FlashbackFriday: Check Out 10 of Our Favorite Gay Celebrities, Then and Now

Just for shits and giggles, here’s what 10 of our favorite gay celebrities looked like way back in the day

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