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US Court Denies Jamaican Bi Man Asylum — Because He Has Sex With Women

WTF? An US Appeals judge doesn’t seem to know what the world “bisexual” means. That and more maddening news in our monthly look at worldwide queerphobia.

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How to Follow the LGBTQ Olympic Athletes on Social Media

Even though the Olympics are over, LGBTQ Olympic athletes don’t disappear — here’s where to follow them on social media!

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Here’s How the LGBT Olympic Athletes Are Doing at the Summer Games

Here’s a complete listing of all the LGBT Olympic Athletes competing in the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games, their scheduled events and results as they go for the gold!

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Hack Who Outed Closeted Olympians Reportedly Sent Home From Rio

After writing an offensive article that outed several closeted Olympians, Daily Beast writer Nico Hines reportedly got booted from the the Rio 2016 Summer Games — good.

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Tonga’s Sexy Flag Bearer, Gay Swimmer Totally Win Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies

You may have heard that Tonga’s sexy flag bearer in the opening ceremony for the Rio 2016 Olympics, but their openly gay swimmer is super sexy as well.

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