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Oprah Smokes Pot? According to Gayle King, She Sure Does

Gayle King stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first-time ever yesterday, and during her visit she dropped a truth bomb that has left us reeling. While she revealed she has never smoked marijuana, she also admitted that her best friend, Oprah Winfrey, does. That’s right: Oprah smokes pot. The[…]

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Amy Schumer’s New Film ‘I Feel Pretty’ Has a Valuable Message for Gay Men, Too

The film may be about a straight woman conquering society’s imposed self-worth issues, but there’s a lesson for everyone here

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Comedienne Amy Schumer Shares the Time Her Ex Came Out As Gay

Despite her sexually voracious, drunk-girl persona Amy Schumer has only had ONE one-night stand, and it happened after her ex came out to her.

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