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We Asked Porn Stars How Gay Men Can Have Bangin’ Sex

Five sexy gay porn stars and a prolific sex vlogger have some great gay sex advice for you, and it isn’t what you’re expecting. Come have a look

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This Infographic Answers an Age-Old Question: How Do You Properly ‘Clean Up’ Before Butt Sex?

This artist is helping to teach gay men about douching before butt play

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I Tried This Cannabis-Infused Lube and All I Got Was Sorta Stoned

A cannabis-infused lube sounds like a great way to combine pot and playtime, but it turns out that women may enjoy weed lube more than men, and here’s why

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If You’re Attracted to Men But Afraid of Effeminacy and Anal Sex, You Might Be a G0Y

If you’ve never heard of the g0ys, they’re a bunch of gay and bi dudes who don’t like those labels and share a lot in common with hate groups

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