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School Photos of the 14 U.S. Presidential Candidates

When you’re in high school, aspirations run like perspiration. Ambition sprouts like pubic hair. Promise is as part of high school as pimples. Well, here are photos of 16 high schoolers whose dreams of becoming president never died. In US politics, there’s no season more exciting than a presidential election[…]

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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Releases Video For Same-Sex Marriage

In his latest effort to pass marriage equality in his state, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has released a video outlining his support. He has also recorded a robo-call that asks New Yorkers to call their legislators and urge them to support gay marriage. Governor Cuomo is heavily involved in[…]

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727 Priests, Ministers & Rabbis For NY Gay Marriage

And on the seventh day, God created gay blogs for his homos with too much time on their hands. Amen! Hallelujah! Testify! A plethora of religious officials are throwing their hats into the fight toward full marriage equality for all Americans, or at the very least in this case, for[…]

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