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Hacker Hijacks Daesh/ISIS Twitter Accounts, Displays Rainbows And Gay Porn

One Anonymous hacker is tired of anti-gay terrorists celebrating the Orlando shooting, and is fighting back with rainbows and gay porn.

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PHOTOS: Whisper’s Anonymous Agender Secrets

Let’s take another look in at our anonymous friends at, and see what they’ve got to share about what it’s like to be agender this secret gallery.

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UPDATED: Anonymous To Out KKK Members — Can We Trust Them?

This week, Anonymous begins releasing data outing Ku Klux Klan members — but how do we know their information is reliable? Can we be sure there’s no errors?

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Hacktivists To Westboro Baptist Church: “Bitchslap!”

Oh fun! Watch as a lippy representative from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church, Shirley Phelps Roper, annoys a hacker to the point of taking down the entire GodHatesFags website family while in the middle of an interview broadcast! Thanks, Anonymous! Some highlights include: This domain has been seized by Anonymous[…]

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