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Hacktivists To Westboro Baptist Church: “Bitchslap!”

Oh fun! Watch as a lippy representative from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church, Shirley Phelps Roper, annoys a hacker to the point of taking down the entire GodHatesFags website family while in the middle of an interview broadcast! Thanks, Anonymous! Some highlights include: This domain has been seized by Anonymous […]

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Westboro Baptist Church Vs. Anonymous: Who’s Fibbing?

Wikileaks-affiliated hacker ubergroup Anonymous’ threat to dismantle the Westboro Baptist Church (The hatiest hateballs spewing forth hate you’ve ever hated to hear of, no doubt) made big news yesterday. The story continues to unfold today. Anonymous has put out a press release suggesting that Westboro Baptist Church made the whole […]

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Anonymous Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Anonymous, the um…anonymous group of hackers closely associated with protecting WikiLeaks and controversial founder Julian Assange, has thrown down the gauntlet against hate. In an open letter, Anonymous puts hatemonger Fred Phelp’s vile congregation on blast, warning the “church” to end it’s hateful ways now or face hacker wrath. You […]