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Barney Frank Slams Antonin Scalia as Advocate of ‘Fag Burning’ (Video)

Frank wins the internet with his moment of true political shade on MSNBC’s ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’

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This Week In Politics: Which Republicans Will Die On Super Tuesday?

As Super Tuesday creeps nearer, we look at the winners and (mostly) losers on both sides and predict who’ll snatch the crown from the other clowns.

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Which Republican Was the Worst This Last Week?

Between Donald Trump insulting the Pope and multiple Republicans vying to deny Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court replacement, which GOP member was the worst?

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Justice Thomas To Justice Scalia: Are… Are We The Baddies?

Shocking no one, Justice Scalia was on the wrong side of today’s Marriage Equality vote. But does he even realize he’s the bad guy? Has he watched movies?

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