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¡Míralas Ahora! Here Are 6 of Our Favorite Spanish-Language YouTube Series

If you’re looking for some free Spanish gay series to watch in your free time, here are some favorites, including some that offer English subtitles

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Hornet City Guides
The Hornet Guide to Gay Buenos Aires

Visitors have flocked to gay Buenos Aires for years thanks to its cosmopolitan culture, visually stunning sites and thriving nightlife

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5 Questions with the Queer Argentinian Behind Our Favorite Subversive Art

Horacio Abdala depicts gay sex in a playfully disarming way unlike any other gay art you’ve ever seen — come learn what inspires his daring eroticism

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Gay Rugby Player Left for Dead After Being Brutally Beaten in Buenos Aires

A gay rugby player was brutally beaten by seven men in Buenos Aries. Left for dead, he is currently recovering in the hospital but could lose an eye

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10 ‘Around the World’ Stories: Scotland Approves PrEP, the Philippines Backtracks on Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Acceptance Helps All Communities

In this look at news from around the world, Scotland’s approved PrEP and studies show that LGBTQ acceptance leads to fewer assaults on all communities

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Uruguay is Urugay — and More Good News From Around The World!

Uruguay’s the best country for LGBTQ people in all of South and Central America! That and more in our look at good news from around the world!

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Is WikiLeaks Outing Gay Saudi Arabians?

WikiLeaks has posted a ton of data about private Saudi Arabian citizens — including HIV status and the names of people arrested for homosexuality. WTF?!

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Madonna Calls Trump’s Sons ‘Pussies’, Endorses Clinton

GOP candidate Donald Trump’s sons enjoy big game hunting — as long as the hunts are canned. Madonna isn’t amused.

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PICS: 18 Countries Photoshopped This Woman To Make Her “Beautiful”

A marketing agency asked graphic designers from 18 different countries to make the same woman “beautiful.” The results were different across the board.

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U.S. Immigration Recognizes Lesbian Argentine’s Marriage For Citizenship

Now that DOMA has been declared unconstitutional by the president and Department of Justice, and Congress has introduced legislation to repeal it altogether, one could argue that the law should no longer be used to deport gays and lesbians from other countries who have legally married American citizens of the[…]

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