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Around the World: New HIV Sculpture in Amsterdam, UK Launches PrEP Trial, HIV on the Rise in Philippines

New York wasn’t the only city to get public art for World HIV Day — Amsterdam got an abacus to countdown the days until the world is free of AIDS.

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Why Aren’t HIV Infection Rates Dropping Now That We Have PrEP?

Despite treatment and testing being so much better, HIV rates stay where they are. Why?

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India Holds First Ever Pride Parade!

India had its first ever gay pride in Delhi! That and more in our look at good news from around the globe!

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UK Men Resorting To “Desperate Measures” To Get PrEP

If someone can’t get something they need legally, they’ll figure out other ways to do it. In the UK, PrEP is that something. That and more news in our monthly look at HIV and AIDS.

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Appears In Video With International LGBT Activists

The United Nations Secretary General opposes anti-LGBT violence and discrimination in a newly released ad.

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