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Bangladesh News and Stories

H&M, Disney, Levi’s and Others Make Their Pride Clothing Collections in Rabidly Anti-LGBTQ Countries

Some Pride clothes manufacturing for companies like H&M, Disney and Levi’s is happening in countries with anti-LGBTQ laws. How concerned should we be?

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News of the World: Gay Sex Workers Face Double Discrimination, an End to the Blood Ban?

In our monthly look at news from around the world, we see how gay sex workers face double the discrimination, and a potential end to the blood donation ban

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27 Suspected Gay and Bi Men Arrested in Bangladesh Under Drug Charges

Police in the Muslim-majority nation recently raided a community center and arrested young students participating in a bi-monthly event

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French Group Sues Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube Over Harassment

A French group is suing Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for not doing more to end online harassment. This and more in our world news round-up!

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