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The Strange Tale of Leo Koury, ‘Godfather of the Gay Community’ in Richmond, Virginia

Leo Koury spent the longer than any current criminal on the FBI’s Most Wanted list — but the former gay bar monopoly holder’s final years were surprising

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New Orleans Gay Bars Are Not Being Unfairly Targeted. It’s Actually Much More Disappointing.

Two New Orleans gay bars faced investigations and fines by a state board, but the owner of one of the bars is partly responsible

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Ahead of Mardi Gras, New Orleans Gay Bars Claim They’re Being Unfairly Targeted by the Law

Two bars, Phoenix and Rawhide, were recently cited by the state’s “Alcohol and Tobacco Control”

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Get Your Game On at North America’s Top 10 Gay Sports Bars

Looking for a place to watch your favorite team play? Well, we’ve rounded up some of the best gay sports bars to visit when you’re traveling. 

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Philadelphia

With historical sites, off the beaten path museums and a thriving nightlife, gay Philadelphia has so much to see and do for your next trip

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Older Men Want Action, Too: NYC’s Townhouse Bar Celebrates 30 Years of Daddy Hunting

“You’ll see tons of older gay men looking for action,” owner Michael Grummons laughs. “They’re not ready to hand in their gay cards just yet.”

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Sydney

Everyone should visit gay Sydney for its friendly culture, warm weather, stunning architecture and the thriving nightlife; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Kaohsiung

If you need a break from the noise, get out of Taipei and head down to gay Kaohsiung; this new-old city will take your breath away

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Here’s Why Justin Bieber Was Hanging Out in a Gay Bar in Zurich

“It was quite unusual for a gay bar to have that kind of hetero thing happening.”

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Vander Von Odd Calls Out the Manchester Eagle For Its Transphobic Policies

In a new video, Vander Von Odd calls out the Manchester Eagle, a gay bar that refuses entry to women and trans men who don’t pass well enough

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