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How Rihanna’s New Gig Could Help Decriminalize Homosexuality in Barbados

The singer was just given a great honor by her homeland. But how will she use it?

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The First-Ever Female Prime Minister of Barbados Is Thanking Rihanna for Her Support

The island nation of Barbados just elected Mia Mottley as its first-ever female Prime Minister, and Mottley thanked pop star Rihanna for her support

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10 ‘Around the World’ Stories: Tanzania Closes HIV Centers, Trans Voting in Ecuador, ‘Moonlight’ in Botswana

Tanzania closes HIV centers because a place for HIV tests and counseling apparently ‘encourages homosexuality’ — that and more in our look around the world

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Prince Harry and Rihanna Took an HIV Test Together

As part of the prince’s Caribbean tour, he met the pop star and they honored World AIDS Day in perhaps the best way possible

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