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Week In Review, Aug. 10, 2018: Body-Positive Underwear, RuPaul Flips His Wig, Is Dr Pepper Vers?

This week’s top stories tell us why RuPaul flipped his wig during the taping of All Stars 4 and love a body-positive underwear campaign

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Why Is So Much of LGBTQ Twitter Against the Casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman?

Yesterday, the world learned the news of the Ruby Rose Batwoman casting — a queer woman playing a queer character — so what is everyone so angry about?

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The CW is Hoping to Cast a Lesbian Actress as the Lead in Its Upcoming ‘Batwoman’ Series

A Batwoman TV show is being developed by the CW as part of the network’s Arrowverse universe of comic-book series

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These 3 Mainstream Comic Book Titles Are Headlined by LGBTQ Heroes

We’ve come a long way since Northstar came out as the first openly gay superhero in the pages of Marvel’s ‘Alpha Flight’

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Batman Comic Debuts Awesome Trans Character

DC Comics added a new queer character to the Batman universe: Dr. Victoria October, a trans scientist who studies monsters. Awesome.

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‘Love is Love’ Comic Anthology Sees Superman, Harry Potter and More Honor Pulse Victims

The comic anthology pays tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting with appearances by Superman, Dumbledore and others

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We Love The Campaign to Get #LGBTSuperheroes On the Big Screen

You have to admire the new campaign to get #LGBTSuperheroes on the silver screen, even if it does have some flaws.

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What does DADT’s repeal mean for Batwoman?

All of my gay blog reading comic book geeks out there know that DC Comics’ heroine, Batwoman’s secret origin is tied directly to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Second Lieutenant Kate Kane was given the boot from the United States Military after choosing not to lie about being a lesbian. Writer[…]

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