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No, Pamela Anderson, Asexuals Aren’t Just Broken Nerds Afraid of Sex

In an advice column, the ‘Baywatch’ star seems to think asexuals are broken nerds; here’s why the Pamela Anderson asexuality comments are insulting

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Zac Efron Shirtless: 18 Times the Hunky Actor Almost Shared the Goods

To get ready for ‘Baywatch,’ we’ve compiled 18 very hot Zac Efron shirtless moments where he almost showed us all the sexy goods

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‘Baywatch’ Trailer Features Plenty of Zac Efron’s Fake-Looking Abs (Video)

You’ll have to wait ’til next summer to catch the film, but maybe gratuitous shots of Efron’s abs will tide you over

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Hobie from Baywatch: Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality

Baywatch star (Star may be too strong of a word. He played the Hoff’s son Hobie for goodness sake.) Jeremy Jackson will be featured on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab. Jackson is seeking treatment for cattle steroid addiction this time around, having already kicked a nasty crystal meth habit[…]

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We’re OBSESSED: Where Is God Now?

Surely you’re familiar with Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. The iconic piece shows God giving Darwin the finger…or something. Where is he now? helps people find God, in all of the usual and unusual places. Like crowdsurfing, in the bathtub, bungee jumping, or hanging laundry. Suddenly, we’re kind of obsessed.[…]

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