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Gay Computer Scientist Alan Turing Beats Out MLK, Mandela as BBC’s Most Iconic Figure of 20th Century

A BBC television special titled ‘Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century’ saw him beat out some of the most iconic names in modern history

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Editors' Picks
50+ U.K. Celebs Are Asking the BBC Not to Air Eurovision 2019 Due to Israel as Venue Choice

More than 50 UK-based names signed onto a letter asking the BBC not to support the contest due to it taking place in Tel Aviv

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: The BBC Gets Gayer, Will Ellen Leave Daytime TV?

The BBC has welcomed its very first LGBT correspondent, and word on the street is that Ellen DeGeneres may be contemplating leaving TV

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The Daily Sting, Thursday: BBC Announces First LGBT Correspondent, ‘Mapplethorpe’ Trailer Is Here

Ben Hunte has been announced as the BBC’s latest correspondent, and we get our first glimpse at ‘Mapplethorpe’

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