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Mr. Gay Handsome Nepal Just Crowned Its 2017 Winner, Revealing the Country’s Pro-LGBTQ Politics

Yesterday, Mr. Gay Handsome Nepal crowned the winner of its second annual gay male beauty pageant meant to draw attention to LGBTQ rights in Nepal

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This Adorable Couple Shares 3 Secrets to Successful Relationships (and Why Guys Should Wear Makeup)

The Other Couple is a popular YouTube duo who shared some relationship secrets with us and thoughts how a little makeup and tenderness can change the world

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Rimmel London Appoints YouTuber Lewys Ball as Its First Male Spokesperson

Cosmetics company Rimmel London has chosen 17 year-old YouTube star Lewys Ball to be their first male spokesperson for their 2017 ad campaign

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5 Contemporary Queers Who Are Revolutionizing Fashion

If you wear clothes, you should know about the LGBTQ geniuses shaping contemporary fashion culture. These 5 will blow your mind (and wardrobe) away!

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PICS: 18 Countries Photoshopped This Woman To Make Her “Beautiful”

A marketing agency asked graphic designers from 18 different countries to make the same woman “beautiful.” The results were different across the board.

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Chinese Women Show Off Their Armpit Hair For Body Freedom

In China, where five women have been jailed for planning to protest sexual harassment, another feminist protest is happening online with body hair.

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