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LGBTQ Activists in Beijing Held a Beautiful Valentine’s Day Protest for Same-Sex Marriage (Photos)

Same-sex couples in wedding dresses and tuxedos stood at the city’s landmarks and held signs with slogans like, “Let us taste the bitterness of marriage!”

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How a PR Huckster Scammed China’s LGBT Activist Community and Pro-LGBT Businesses

The ALMA Awards should have been a celebration of queer accomplishments in Asia. Instead, it used local organizers, ignored their voices and wasted its money.

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PICS: 21 Hot Olympic Packages You’ll Sign For In A Heartbeat

Part of the whole FUN of the Olympics is checking out the hot Olympians and seeing what they’re packing. We’ve put together this gallery of some of our favorites.

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What’s Causing Beijing’s Smoggy Airpocalypse? And What Can Fix It?

Horrifying levels of smog recently turned Beijing into a cyberpunk dystopia. There IS a solution, but it’s one that China will likely choke on.

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