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A Gay Trek Through Europe, Night 6: Exploring the Brussels Gay Bar Scene

Most bars are across the street from one another, the dark rooms are for serious action and a group of eight men will speak five languages

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A Gay Trek Across Europe, Day 5: My Very First Gay Sauna Experience

When I entered the sauna on my fifth night of traversing through Europe, I handed the man behind the glass my money and he didn’t say a word

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Mr. Gay Belgium is Speaking Out After Being Gay Bashed Last Friday Night

Jaimie Deblieck, the 2017 winner of the Mr. Gay Belgium contest, was stomped and kicked while called a gay slur in his hometown on Friday night

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Check Out the 12 Very Sexy Men Vying for Mr. Gay Europe 2017

Mr. Gay Europe 2017 brings delegates from all across the continent to be judged on intellect, confidence, awareness, self-esteem, looks and charm.

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10 ‘Around the World’ Stories: Tanzania Closes HIV Centers, Trans Voting in Ecuador, ‘Moonlight’ in Botswana

Tanzania closes HIV centers because a place for HIV tests and counseling apparently ‘encourages homosexuality’ — that and more in our look around the world

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Will The Blood Ban Be Lifted World-Wide?

It’s idiotic to ban blood donations from men who have sex with men — but that finally might be slowly changing around the world.

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French Group Sues Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube Over Harassment

A French group is suing Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for not doing more to end online harassment. This and more in our world news round-up!

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PHOTOS: Art Show Reveals The Hidden World Of Queer China

We all hear lots of news stories about China, and — if Western media is to be believed — the country is an over-crowded nightmare of pollution, government oppression, a tanking economy and a total lack of freedom for LGBTQ citizens. While all of that is quite probably true, it’s more likely[…]

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Watch: Anti-Gay Archbishop Gets Pied in the Face

The Belgian Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church is currently being sued by more than 500 victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy, so you’d think that maybe they would chill the F out on throwing stones from inside their glass chapel. You’d be wrong. Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard,[…]

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After 2 Years, Belgium Couple To Reunite With Son

Remember Peter and Laurent, the gay couple who had a son via a Ukrainian surrogate that Belgium would not allow them to bring into the country? We shared their heartbreaking story with you last month. Their son Samuel was forced to live in a Ukrainian orphanage for two years, because[…]

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