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Watch: Anti-Gay Archbishop Gets Pied in the Face

The Belgian Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church is currently being sued by more than 500 victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy, so you’d think that maybe they would chill the F out on throwing stones from inside their glass chapel. You’d be wrong. Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, […]

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After 2 Years, Belgium Couple To Reunite With Son

Remember Peter and Laurent, the gay couple who had a son via a Ukrainian surrogate that Belgium would not allow them to bring into the country? We shared their heartbreaking story with you last month. Their son Samuel was forced to live in a Ukrainian orphanage for two years, because […]

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Meet the Gay Couple Belgium Won’t Allow To Raise Their Own Son

Long story short: Peter and Laurent were ready to become parents, and worked with a surrogacy agency to find a Ukrainian woman to be their surrogate in Belgium. Their son, Samuel was born. Belgium refuses to give the couple their child. Samuel has spent the past three years in a Belgian […]