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Ben Carson Is Making Life Even Harder For Trans Homeless People

The latest Ben Carson homelessness policy removes protections for queer Americans; why shouldn’t we be surprised he’s actively trying to make things worse?

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Trump Could Instantly Wipe Out Obama’s LGBT Advances (Video)

We’ve had it good for the past eight years, with some amazing progress for queer people, but will it all be wiped out in an instant?

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Ben Carson: No ‘Extra Rights’ for LGBTQ Americans (Video)

At his confirmation hearing yesterday, former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said he didn’t think gays should get “extra rights” like equality.

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This Week In Politics: Which Republicans Will Die On Super Tuesday?

As Super Tuesday creeps nearer, we look at the winners and (mostly) losers on both sides and predict who’ll snatch the crown from the other clowns.

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