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‘Con or Bust’ Helps Send Geeks of Color to Sci-Fi Conventions

Con or Bust has been sending fans of color to science fiction and fantasy conventions since 2009 — and they’ve just raised over $10,000 to do so

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Meet The Female Cosplayer Fighting Sexist Harassment

Cosplay enthusiast Vivid Vivka talks about the art of cosplay and what to do when people take cosplay to be an invitation to be sexist, awful creeps.

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“Stonewall” Isn’t Alone: Most LGBTQ Films Are White Historical Dramas

Hollywood rarely finances LGBT movies, but when they do they look like Stonewall: fictionalized biopics with white characters living in the distant past.

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A Look Back at 10 Awesome Geek Wins From 2014

Geeky girls and gays scored superheroic wins in TV, film, and comic books during 2014… and more bright spots are on the horizon.

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Alan Turing’s Relatives Ask Britain To Pardon 49,000 Guys Convicted Of Gayness

Almost makes you wonder why Americans haven’t sought federal pardons for the thousands of people prosecuted under unconstitutional sodomy laws.

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