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Consider These 10 International LGBTQ Bookshops While Making Your 2022 Travel Plans

While gay bars are an obvious go-to for LGBTQ folks, there is something so soothing about spending time in LGBTQ bookshops. Places where we can come together and discuss art, news, our communities and ourselves are always going to be a necessary and welcome addition to our lives as queer[…]

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The Berlin-Set Film ‘Boy Meets Boy’ Is an Authentically Queer Tale of Hookup Culture

Boy Meets Boy is a Berlin-set two-hander that’s a lot Before Sunrise with a little bit of Weekend thrown in for good measure. In other words, it’s a Socratic dialogue with flirting, a pinch of (inferred) sex, and a heart of melancholy that leaves two strangers, falling in love, stranded by geography. Two-handers —[…]

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Be the Best Queer Sexual Deviant You Can Be in Berlin

Berlin offers so much more than sex, drugs and techno parties, but sometimes that’s all you’re looking for

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10 Museums Every LGBTQ Person Should Visit in Their Lifetime

We’ve rounded up 10 museums that should be on the radar of LGBTQ people everywhere to visit at some point

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