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BEST OF 2016: Our Favorite Gay Podcasters Share Their Favorite Films and TV Series

Asked what they consider to be the bright spots of 2016, we got a mix of the crowd-pleasing and the obscure sure to fill up your Netflix queue

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BEST OF 2016: 17 TV Moments That Celebrated and Embraced Queer People

From Pearl’s Mystery Girl on Steven Universe to Yorkie and Kelly’s beautiful love story on Black Mirror, here are our favorite queer TV moments of 2016.

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In Memoriam: 6 Musical Greats Taken From Us in 2016

This year wreaked havoc on the legacy of multiple musical genres, from country and rock to rap and retro R&B

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BEST OF 2016: Our 10 Favorite Albums of This Year, Ranked

Spanning rock, hip-hop, power-pop and electronica, we rank some of the year’s most outstanding releases, from some of our favorite artists

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