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‘Beauty and the Beast’ and 5 Other Disturbing Tales of Human-Animal Hookups

While social conservatives get all worked up over the gay moment in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ they’re overlooking these other popular beastiality fairy tales

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Herrrmerrn’s School of French Kissing for Dogs

“I’ve talked to the police and they say it’s cool.” Oh. My. God. Welcome to Herrrmerrn’s School of French Kissing for Dogs! Learn The ‘Stache Tickler, The Gentleman, The Full Schnauzer and…well, for legal reasons it’s probably best that you don’t learn the Gutterrr Perrrverrrt. Whoa.

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Shagged By a Parrot: Rare Bird on Man Sex

Wow. Just wow. And homeboy just sits there and takes it! And oh gosh, the jubilant look on that parrot’s face! Wow. Just wow.

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Miley Kombat: Cyrus Vs. Rick Santorum

Miley Cyrus has dipped her toe into political waters with a tweet calling our Rick “frothy mix” Santorum‘s ignorant and homophobic views on gay marriage. Coming along for the ride is hipster Mecca Urban Outfitters, for their contributions to Santorum’s political campaign. The singer called upon her fans to not[…]

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