What’s in a Beyonce? (Infographic)

Who would have guessed that nearly equal parts of Sasha Fierce and Final Cut Pro are necessary to get the perfect Beyonce recipe just right? We never would have guessed that Election‘s Tracy Flick was the secret ingredient, but in retrospect, that’s totally what we’ve been tasting all of these […]


Beyonce Is a Lying Liar Full of Lies

Who run the world? Vlogger extraordinaire NinetinePercent offers up an unfortunately accurate commentary on the factual inaccuracies in Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls). It turns out that unless “run the world” is code for: Making less income than mean for the same job. Having domestic violence committed against you not […]

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Who Run The World? (Burning Man) Girls

Beyonce goes full-on playa-chic in her latest video for Girls (Who Run The World). B holds court in Center Camp while mutant artcars burn in the background. We’re not quite sure what to make of the riot police in the video, and everyone knows dogs (and hyenas for that matter) […]

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New Beyonce Leaks! Girls Who Run the World

Beyonce’s first single from her upcoming album has leaked this morning, and we’re not sure what to make of it yet. A disclaimer, I AM Sasha Fierce. I felt that album in my gay, gay bones, y’all. Whatever B touches turns to gold – Video Phone aside – and I’m […]

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DOMA Repeal Legislation Introduced

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) of California introduced the Respect For Marriage Act into Congress yesterday. The bill seeks to outright repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which the president recently announced is no longer being defended in court by the federal government, a green light for repeal if ever there […]