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Forget the ‘Gay Gene,’ Because Science Has Another Explanation for Homosexuality

For years, scientists have wondered about the existence of a ‘gay gene’ — but one evolutionary science researcher has a new and startling explanation

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A Colorful Scientific Discovery: The First Life on Earth Was Pink

This week, researchers discovered that the first life on earth was out and proud — well, not really, but still, pink was the first color of life on Earth

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These Gay Gorillas Remind Us that Animal Homosexuality Is Much More Common Than We Think

Some recent photos of gay gorillas made them seem novel, but animal homosexuality occurs throughout the animal kingdom, and here’s why

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Your Mom Was Wrong: Unicorns ARE Real!

When you were little, did you ever cry that you couldn’t ever see a real unicorn? Well, buck up — as it turns out, unicorns are real after all… kinda

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Sad Fact: Hangovers Get Worse As We Get Older

You’re not imagining that your mornings after feels worse than they did when you were 21, and researchers can explain the science behind your next terrible hangover.

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PICS: Hail To Thee, Noble Baculum: 10 Facts About The Penis Bone

Most mammals have a baculum, or penis bone, but humans don’t. Find out what you’re missing with our round-up of strange, wonderful facts about the baculum.

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Conservatives Blow a Gasket Over School Teaching Gender In Animal Kingdom

Should we file this one under Don’t Say Evolution? The alarming trend of conservatives pretending that things that displease them don’t exist continues this week with a story out of Oakland, California. Redwood Heights Elementary School’s biology lesson on gender diversity within the animal kingdom has become national news, with[…]

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