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BioWare Promises to Fix the ‘Unfortunate’ Trans Character in ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’

The video hame “Mass Effect Andromeda” features Hainly Abrams, a transgender scientist who comes off as weirdly inauthentic, but that’s about to change

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5 Amazing Queers in Video Games that You Need to Know About

Queer and LGBT issues are really taking off within the video game industry, and a bunch of great queers are rising along with it. Here are 5 to watch!

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Gay Developer David Gaider Never Planned to Create Groundbreaking Queer Games

Gay game developer David Gaider waited years to put queer characters in games — and when he finally did, it changed his life.

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Dragon Age To Anti-Gay Fans: Get Over It

Straight up, we have absolutely no idea what Dragon Age 2 is all about, and we haven’t done much gaming since catching both Palkia and Dialga a few Pokemon cycles ago. Suck it, Giratina! But we know you gays are big gamers, and we aim to please. Just like the[…]

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