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LGBT Token Is Live, Rolling Into a Beta Launch During World Pride on Hornet

In a quest to always bring the latest tech advancements, Hornet is the first release partner for the LGBT Token and has integrated the LGBT Wallet. 

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This Artist Used Legos and $10,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency, and If You Can Crack His Code, the Money’s Yours

Contemporary artist Andy Bauch just debuted his ‘New Money’ exhibit of cryptocurrency art — and the entire collection has $10,000 hidden inside

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Be My Crypto Valentine: 10 Actual Ways to Use Cryptocurrency on V-Day

Whoever your cryptocurrency valentine may be, maybe this year on V-Day you should spend your crypto earnings on them

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Cash in With the Virtual Currency Girls, Japan’s Bizarre Bitcoin-Based Pop Group

The Virtual Currency Girls are a new Japanese pop band with a gimmick — they each represent a different cryptocurrency from Bitcoin to Ethereum

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This Bitcoin Sex Toy Vibrates More or Less Depending on the Cryptocurrency’s Value

There’s a Bitcoin sex toy whose vibrations increase or decrease depending on the cryptocurrency’s market value, so … let’s all invest

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South Korea Has Tightened Regulations on Bitcoin, and the Country May Ban It Entirely

In South Korea, bitcoin may be in trouble — the government just increased regulations on how banks handle the cryptocurrency, and some fear a ban is coming

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This Hornet Explainer Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin

With all the news about it lately, we can’t blame you if you’re wondering what Bitcoin is — but we’re here with a helpful explainer to clear things up

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