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Fox Just Greenlit a Biopic About Groundbreaking Gay Choreographer Alvin Ailey

Fox Searchlight pictures just approved the development of an Alvin Ailey movie so let’s take a good look at how he changed American dance forever

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As Black History Month Comes to a Close, Be Sure to Follow These 11 Change-Makers, Trailblazers & Activists

As Black History Month ends, we look to 11 African-American leaders of the LGBT community who are the Marsha P. Johnsons and Bayard Rustins of today

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12 LGBT African-Americans Who Should Be on Everyone’s Radar This Black History Month

We look to 12 African-American leaders of the LGBT community — writers, activists, speakers, performers, thought leaders and change makers.

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5 Times Black Musicians Revolutionized The Music Industry

To wrap-up Black History Month, we wanted to honor 5 times that Black musicians changed the industry and the world for the better!

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15 Notable African-Americans Who Are Out As Bisexual

A number of notable African-Americans don’t publicly embrace the bisexual label. But these artists, authors, and activists do.

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