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VIDEO: “Showgirls” and “Black Swan” Are Actually The Same Movie

Showgirls was critically panned and killed Elizabeth Berkley’s career. Black Swan won Natalie Portman an Oscar. Funny, since they’re basically identical.

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Rebecca Black Swan – Friday

Just when you thought Friday pop culture infiltration had peaked…dun dun DUN! This Black Swan/Rebecca Black mashup got us looking so crazy right now. Fun, fun, fun – you know what it is. Ecstasy, lesbian sex, violence, hooking up with strangers in filthy bathrooms, masturbating in front of your mother[…]

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Awful Tattoo Of The Day: Grindr Black Swan

Sure, Natalie Portman gave a fantastic performance in last year’s Black Swan. It even won her an Academy Award. But I’m not so sure that her iconic image in full Black Swan makeup is getting anyone all hot and bothered. Except for maybe this guy? Aw man. This is just…bad.[…]

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Black Swan Kids! Kyoooot!

We finally saw Black Swan two nights ago, and we’ve been haunted ever since. AolVideo has thankfully taken some of the sting away with this adorable homage to the original. Black Swan Kids, y’all! What do you think of these tiny tots’ moves? Should Natalie Portman be worried about them[…]

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