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Hong Kong Judge: Protestor Attacked Cop With Her Breasts

Last Thursday, a Hong Kong judge convicted a 30-year-old woman of assaulting a cop with her breast. Here’s the story along with video and web responses.

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Unicorn Booty Readers Helped Trans Woman Win Breast Summer Ever!

30,000 people (about a thousand which came from Unicorn Booty readers right here!) have helped a transgender musician from Alberta, Canada win 90.3 Amp Radio’s Breast Summer Ever contest! We knew a contest in which women competed for a shot at breast augmentation surgery would be controversial, but we believed[…]

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Help Transgender Woman Win Implants in Breast Summer Ever Contest

Lend a neighbor a cup of sugar, why don’t you? Or in this case, help her win a boob job. 90.3 Amp Radio is deep in the midst of the Breast Summer Ever, an online contest in which one lucky gal will walk away with a new set of knockers.[…]

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Everything You Need To Know About Boobs (Infographic)

UB reader Sean sent us over the longest infographic we’ve ever posted. The honor couldn’t have happened to a more deserving topic. Everything you need to know about boobs, y’all.

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