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A Homophobic Right-Wing Website Has Doxxed the Man Behind a Breitbart Advertiser Boycott

The Daily Caller published the identity and personal info of the man behind Sleeping Giants, a campaign pushing advertisers to boycott far-right media

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Breitbart Readers Discover This Book’s Black, Gay Santa and Lose Their Effing Minds

The ultra-right just discovered a charming book where Santa’s black and gay — get the popcorn, it’s time for the Santa’s Husband Breitbart meltdown

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This Year’s Gaggle of Gay Trump-Supporting Fame Whores Really Is the Worst

Conservatives are embracing gay Trump supporters as pariahs, citing their support as proof that policies aren’t homophobic (though they are)

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Breitbart Radio Guest Calls the Left Hypocritical for Hating on Roy Moore Dating Teens

Media Research Center exec Dan Gainor suggests that the left is criticizing Roy Moore dating teens, but ‘they’ve been saying ‘love is love’ for years’

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