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A Mass Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Planned for Later This Month

Several witches are planning to meet up in Brooklyn on Oct. 20 to exercise their powers as the ultimate form of resistance

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The Internet Always Delivers: We Can’t Stop Laughing at Why #HimToo Has Been Trending

Maybe over the weekend you saw the hashtag #HimToo trending, and the story why is downright hilarious

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: We Must Save Gay Marriage, and Who’s Ready for a Black Superman?

There’s work underway to reverse gay marriage, and who will be the next Superman if Henry Cavill calls it quits?

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The Daily Sting, Friday: Amy Schumer in Cuffs, Gaga on Kavanaugh, Gayest ‘Jeopardy’ Moment Ever

Lady Gaga weighs in on the Kavanaugh drama, Amy Schumer in cuffs, plus the ultimate gay Jeopardy moment

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