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Op/Ed: The UK Conservative Party’s Achievements on LGBT Rights Are Worthless

By bending to the DUP’s will when it comes to the lack of LGBTQ Rights in Northern Ireland, Theresa May can’t claim to be a friend to the LGBT community

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You’ll Want These Action Figures of Trump and His Cronies

If you’re a political junky who just can’t read enough about Donald Trump and his political cohorts, you’ll love these satirical Trump action figures

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Around the World: Record Violence After Trump and Brexit, 8-Year-Old Ugandan Arrested as Lesbian, UK Police Dismiss Queer Complaints

Trump’s election — even though he didn’t get the popular vote — has emboldened bigots of all stripes, and has resulted in 867 incidents of violence in just 10 days.

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Will Brexit Hurt The Queer Community?

As if putting the UK economy into free-fall weren’t enough, Brexit may negatively impact LGBTQ rights around the world.

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