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Beyonce 2011 MTV VMAs

The 10 Most Buzzworthy VMA Performances of All Time

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards are happening tonight. The event generated instant buzz when free spirit and newly-minted pop icon Miley Cyrus was announced as the host, and then again when Nicki Minaj went on a Twitter rant after her “Anaconda” video failed to score a Video of the […]

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Sarah Palin: Blah, blah, blah, Hit Me Baby One More Time

Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program last night to whine about Vice President Joe Biden comparing the Tea Party to domestic terrorists for their part in nearly collapsing the entire national financial system and throwing the country – no, the world – into a second Great Depression. […]

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Glee Cast Gay Kisses Mark Tour Finale

Heather Morris and Naya Rivera celebrated the last show of the Glee summer tour on July 3rd with some classic Brittany and Santana lesbian lip locking, which we can only assume inspired legions of fan-fiction writers to pull an all-nighter churning out steamy Glee gay slash. I mean… Things get […]

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Britain’s Got Talent(ed Topless Britney Impersonators) [NSFW]

Britney Spears impersonator Lorna Bliss takes her work very seriously. 10 years worth of seriously. So seriously that when Britney had her epic meltdown, Bliss shaved her own head in solidarity. She’s also had dental work and facials (is this British code for plastic surgery?) to mirror Spears’ look. Bliss […]

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Burning Question: Why Does Britney Spears Sign Every Single Tweet?

We’re coming from a place of love and support here, girl, but this has got to stop. How could it be that someone with almost 8,000,000 followers on Twitter doesn’t understand how the site works? #youredoingitwrong We already know it’s you. No need for the signature, dear. [blackbirdpie url=”!/britneyspears/status/72489460612337664″] [blackbirdpie […]

Gay blog: Britney in SF

Rihanna + Britney Perform S&M at Billboard Music Awards

Britney Spears joined Rihanna onstage in matching dominatrix gear for a (poorly kept) secret duet at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday. Britney, God bless her heart, is really committed to that nasally voice she debuted on the remix of the track a few weeks back. […]

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Taylor Swift Takes On Anti-Gay Bullying With ‘Mean’

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in her new music video for Mean. Also, a gay boy in a purple sweater is bullied by football players for reading a fashion magazine. We’re normally not big fans of the country cutie (Because we aren’t 11-year-old girls. Though, now that I think about it, […]

World To End May 21; Gays To Blame

UPDATE: Rapture FAIL. But hey, you already knew that. The church that tried scaring the world into caring is now likely to go bankrupt. Oh really? Family Radio President Harold Camping is all “the sky is falling!” about the world coming to an end on May 21 of this year. […]

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Dat Ain’t Brit! Body Double Revealed

A pre-emptive and resounding “We love you, Britney Spears.” Really, big fan. But real talk here, this isn’t looking good for you, girl! YouTuber VJ4rawr has put together a little detective work showin that Brit Brit used a dance double in her Till The World Ends music video, something very clear […]

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Britney & Rihanna S&M Remix

A very congested Britney Spears guests on Rihanna’s S&M remix. Or maybe Brit is giving us babydoll voice? Either way, we’re a little disappointed. We love the idea of these two cooking up something together, we’re just a little confused about the execution. It’s Benadryl, Bitch. ; What do you […]