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This Hilton Ad Is Making Homophobic Heads Explode

The American Family Association, a well-known homophobic hate group, is upset over a new hotel ad showing two men laying in bed together. Clutch dem pearls!

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Hateful Hatemonger Bryan Fischer Says Top Nazis Were Gay. Umm… No

Bryan Fischer, American Family Radio host, says the top-ranking Nazis were gay. His source? Scott Lively, currently on trial for crimes against humanity.

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Bryan Fischer: Gays Have 500-1000 Sex Partners In a Lifetime

Also, gays can’t be monogamous. Well, duh! What with the being busy bumping uglies with 1000 other guys, of course we can’t find the time for exclusivity. Hell, who can find the time for lunch, even. Are you close to hitting your quota of 1000 yet?

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‘Homosexual Activists Are Nazis,’ Says Conservative Yakker

Conservative radio talk show host Bryan Fischer is not exactly known for being a shining beacon of intelligent banter. He does regularly welcome top GOP figures like Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, and Haley Barbour, which just gives us more reason to be wary of the potential Republican candidates for President[…]

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