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Loic, Who Grew Up Gay in Homophobic Cameroon, Shares ‘What Pride Means to Me’

As the LGBTQ community revels in the celebration of Pride Month, it goes without saying that this rainbow-drenched month signifies something different for those who were once forced to flee a home that criminalized queer people. Meet Loic Landry, who hails from Cameroon and now calls London his home. Raised[…]

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Here’s What It’s Like to Get a Forced Anal Exam to ‘Prove’ Your Homosexuality

A Kenyan court ruled that forced anal exams to convict suspected homosexuals is unconstitutional, but eight other countries still use them

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The UK Refuses To Pardon Men Convicted of Homosexuality

The Turing Law, which would issue a blanket pardon to all men convicted of homosexuality in the United Kingdom was shot down in Parliament.

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