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We Had No Idea That a Condom Sizer Card Is a Thing

There’s apparently a condom sizer card that asks people to stick their erections into pre-printed holes to determine what size fits them best.

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CDC Presentation Sheds Light on PrEP Availability, HIV Rates and Condom Use Among Queer Men

PrEP use is skyrocketing among people at the highest risk of contracting HIV: In a presentation at the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, researchers from the CDC and Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health revealed that, within the at-risk demographic, the rate of PrEP use went from 7.0[…]

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: A Condom Size Chart, Miami Con Jobs and Gay Hollywood News

Mimosa chatter ahead.

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To the Guys I’ve Shamed for Using Condoms, I’m Sorry

In this sponsored piece by HEX Condoms by LELO, Alex Cheves explores how sex-positivity and fearlessness isn’t stripped by putting on a condom

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Today, on National HIV Prevention Day, This ‘New York Times’ Op-Ed Got HIV Prevention All Wrong

The New York Times just published a column about the decline of safe gay sex, but it’s only telling half of the story (and not the good half)

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Alexander Wang and Trojan Team Up for ‘Protect Your Wang’ Condom Collection

Alexander Wang is teaming up with Trojan Condoms for a limited-edition ‘Protect Your Wang’ capsule collection to celebrate LGBTQ Pride

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These Clever Condoms Are Ticking Off Conservatives in the European Country of Georgia

European religious conservatives are calling for a company’s shutdown over some Georgia condoms depicting religious figures and mocking homophobes

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Raging Stallion’s Move to Bareback Sex Marks a Huge Shift in Today’s Gay Porn

A new Raging Stallion bareback scene marks a major shift in gay porn studios to condomless sex, making condom-only gay porn studios nearly extinct

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Winter Olympics Officials Order a Record-Breaking Number of Condoms for Hot Athlete Sex

The number of Winter Olympics condoms has set a new world record compared to previous Winter Games, but how about compared to the Summer Games?

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This New Smart Condom Collects Data and Measures Guys’ Bedroom Performance

During sex, the i.Con “smart condom” tracks your penis girth, number of thrusts and duration of intercourse, but raises a few security and ethical concerns

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