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Radical Faeries Have Been Pushing Queer Boundaries for 40 Years

While now it’s mostly just an aesthetic, the radical faeries started out as a counter-cultural community — and changed the world for the better

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After This 23-Year-Old Brit Took His Own Life, a Parting Email Blamed His Adult Circumcision

Only 23 years old, the Brit turned Canadian resident took his own life, blaming a circumcision gone wrong in an email to his family

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Here Are the World’s Most LGBT-Friendly Countries, Courtesy of the 2019 Gay Travel Index

Every year Spartacus ranks the world’s most LGBT-friendly countries, and this year three countries tied for the top spot

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Jackie Shane, Dead This Week at 78, Was the World’s First Trans R&B Singer

She passed away at her Nashville home and leaves behind a legacy of stellar R&B music

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