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These 27 Shots of Male Underwater Beauties Will Leave You Breathless

This underwater photography not only features hot models, they also illustrate the fun and profound qualities that make swimming so enjoyable

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The Case for Decriminalizing Gay Sex in Public Parks

Whether you’ve ever had sex in a public park, one urban planner thinks there’s a more humane way for urban planners and police to handle it

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Canadian Band Fleece Has Found Its Feisty Queer Voice on New Album

When it comes to great opening lines for albums, nothing beats Patti Smith’s “Gloria” on her debut, Horses: “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine.” That’s iconic and definitive. Only time will tell if the opening line of “All My Money” by the Canadian queer quartet Fleece — “Spent all my[…]

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Elska Magazine Gets Up Close and Personal With Toronto’s LGBTQ Community

Elska magazine, my publication dedicated to sharing the bodies and voices of everyday men from LGBTQ communities around the world, today introduces its latest release — Elska Toronto — where it puts the spotlight on Canada’s biggest city. Toronto is a city famed for its multiculturalism, which makes it the[…]

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