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Cartoon Network (or CN as it's sometimes known) was founded in late 1992 as part of the Turner Broadcasting group of cable channels. Other Turner channels include CNN, TBS, TCM and TNT. CN was originally founded as a place to play the archival cartoons of recent Turner acquisition Hanna-Barbera. In the earliest days of the network, their primetime slots were often filled with forgotten titles from the 1970s like Wait Till Your Father Gets Home intended for ironic viewing. Soon however, CN started making its own original programming. As if a natural extension of programming ironic viewing, the first series produced by Cartoon Network was Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast, a brilliant deconstruction of the talk show format. The show featured recycled animation from the 1960s Space Ghost sci-fi adventure series. Of course, now much of Cartoon Network's programming is original, from historical hits like Dexter's Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls, to current favorites like Steven Universe and Adventure TimeNot just that, but their official website has loads of popular free games as well. As for Space Ghost? He ended up being the first building block to what would eventually become the alternative comedy powerhouse programming block [adult swim], which takes over the channel at night.
An Abridged History of How ‘Steven Universe’ Went From Concept to Hit Animated Series

Rebecca Sugar, working on ‘Adventure Time,’ suggested a show about a magic boy with the ability to help those around him work through difficult emotions

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