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In Honor of National HIV Testing Day on June 27, Walgreens Is Offering Free Testing to All

In honor of National HIV Testing Day, Walgreens locations in over 180 cities are offering free HIV testing at participating locations

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One of the Largest U.S. Health Surveys Is Dropping Its LGBTQ Questions, Thanks to Trump

CDC LGBT health data will be excluded from a major annual U.S. phone survey starting in 2019, and it’s just Trump’s latest attack on LGBTQ healthcare

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Why Aren’t HIV Infection Rates Dropping Now That We Have PrEP?

Despite treatment and testing being so much better, HIV rates stay where they are. Why?

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Rue From ‘The Hunger Games’ Is Bisexual and So Are You (Probably)

Amandla Stenberg (aka Rue from ‘The Hunger Games’) just came out as bisexual, alongside a new CDC survey revealing that there’s more bisexuals than ever!

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The Only Way To End HIV

Want to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS? Here’s a plan the United States could enact TODAY.

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Rio 2016: How To Avoid Zika, Unsafe Sex, And Other Emergencies At The Summer Olympics

Rio de Janeiro is a nice, but it also has pesky mosquitos, criminals and emergencies like any world city. Here’s some advice for a happy, healthy stay during the Olympics.

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CDC: Zika Virus Can Totally Spread Through Gay Buttsecks

Be aware: you can totally give your gay or bisexual partner Zika virus by having anal sex. In fact, you can give it to them

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France Becomes The Second Country To Approve PrEP

The French government has approved PrEP. The good news it that the government’s picking up the tab. The bad news is that not everyone will be eligible.

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Walking (With STD’s) In Memphis

That hot, steamy feeling all around you isn’t just that famous Tennessee summer sunshine, darlin’. A new study from the Centers for Disease Control is out, and Memphis, Tennessee’s sex is positively on fire. The city has won the top spot in the 50 most infected cities with sexually transmitted[…]

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