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Starting on April 2017, reports have been coming in about the arrest and murder of gay Chechens. The reports are saying that the purge has resulted in over 100 men suspected of being gay have been tortured in Chechnya. Despite the horror of the anti-gay purges in Chechnya, the world community has been relatively silent. German Chancellor Andrea Merkel has come out against them, calling on Putin to use his influence to stop the abuse of gay Chechen men. On the other hand, we're not even sure if Donald Trump knows anything about the Chechen purge. Hornet, the gay social app, has partnered with the United Nations on a "Know Your Rights" campaign to help keep gay people safe around the world, and especially amid the violence in Chechnya. Though there had been a period of silence among the anti-gay purge, it has restarted — and there've been reports that teenage gay Chechens have been murdered as well.
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Amnesty International Condemns Russia’s Lack of Justice for Victims of Chechnya ‘Gay Purge’

Amnesty International released a statement condemning Russia for a failure to provide Chechen purge victims with justice, even two years later

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Here Are the World’s Most LGBT-Friendly Countries, Courtesy of the 2019 Gay Travel Index

Every year Spartacus ranks the world’s most LGBT-friendly countries, and this year three countries tied for the top spot

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Hours Before Trump’s Speech, Billy Porter Gave Us the ‘State of the LGBTQ Union’ (Video)

Mere hours before Trump took to the podium, the ‘Pose’ star graced us with his ‘State of the LGBTQ Union’ speech

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London’s Russian Embassy Was Wrapped in Rainbow to Protest Chechnya’s Gay Purge

Yesterday a protest made its way to London’s Russian embassy, which was wrapped in a giant rainbow flag

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