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Brazilian Male Gymnasts Accuse Former National Team Coach of Sexual Abuse

At least 10 Brazilian gymnasts have come forward to accuse former Brazilian National coach Fernando de Carvalho Lopes of sexual abuse during their youth

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The Face of That Anti-Gay Trump Dating Site Is a Convicted Child Molester

Barrett Riddleberger, one of the models being used as the face of the Trump.Dating, a dating site for Trump supporters, is a convicted child molester

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A Washed-Up Scott Baio Stands Accused of Homophobic Bullying in Addition to Previous Sexual Harassment Charges

After Nicole Eggert said the ‘Charles in Charge’ star molested her, co-star Alexander Polinsky spoke of his own examples of abuse by Scott Baio

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Roy Moore’s Fifth Accuser Says ‘I Thought He Was Going to Rape Me’

A fifth accuser has come forward saying she thought Roy Moore was going to rape her after he groped her in his car when she was 16

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