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Gay Guy Gets a Card From His Grandparents: ‘Happy Birthday, You’re Going to Hell!’

Homophobic grandparents are the worst — especially when they send you a card for your birthday to tell you you’re going to hell

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This Is How I Lost My Virginity on an Evangelical Christian Mission Trip

“What time is it?” I’m tapping my wrist frantically as my fist is clenched, trying not to break the momentum we have going. “I no have … glove,” he says to me in broken English. “Gloves?” I question back as I thrust inside him. We are in the basement of a cruising[…]

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Just a Friendly Reminder That Jesus Was … Well, a Little Gay

Books from the earliest days of Christianity, found in an ancient cave, explicitly state that a gay Jesus wasn’t too far from the truth

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12 Big-Name Celebrities Who Have Been Spotted at the ‘Trendy’ and Anti-Gay Hillsong Church

There are quite a few big names in Hollywood who are fans of Hillsong Church, which has a history of anti-gay leanings and a sordid past

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