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These Two Men Have Spent Thousands to Resemble a ‘Human Ken Doll’

Two men have spent thousands trying to look like a Human Ken doll, but trying to achieve a beauty ideal can also lead to psychological illness

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Penis Whitening Is the Latest in a Long Line of WTF?! Cosmetic Procedures

If you have $650 to blow, you can go to Thailand to get penis whitening, but just a warning: Its results can be painful and unsightly

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The ‘Human Ken Doll’ Has Had So Much Plastic Surgery He Can’t Breathe

Rodrigo Alves, a.k.a. the “Human Ken Doll,” has had so much plastic surgery he can’t properly breathe. But he’s still happy, for some reason.

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Reid Ewing Comes Out As Having Body Dysmorphia (And He’s Gay Too, NBD)

Modern Family star Reid Ewing wrote about his addiction to plastic surgery — and he also, nonchalantly, just came out as gay. Brave and hot? Is there anything better?

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